Richland Bombers track team wears jackets from our troops

RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Richland High track team recently purchased team jackets formerly worn by U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Here's the story behind them, as told by RHS Track Coach, Jim Qualheim:

"The Richland Track Teams have been selling citrus fruit the last 3 seasons. We have been able to purchase much needed equipment, attend out of state track meets, and finally had the money to purchase track jackets for the entire team. The problem with purchasing track jackets for the entire team is that they are expensive to outfit 200 kids and it's difficult to find a good quality jacket that will last. I looked at dozens of jacket samples and couldn't find anything of good quality that could fit our budget. I happened to go to a Goodwill store in Portland a couple of year's ago and found a very interesting high tech camouflage wind jacket and bought it. I thought it would be a good jacket to coach in during the windy spring months and it was. So, after the looking at all the samples I just wasn't satisfied with anything on the market. I wondered if I could find the same sweet deal I got on my camo wind jacket. I started my search last November.

After countless internet and phone call dead ends I finally met a gentleman from South Carolina who deals in Army surplus who had what I was looking for in the quantity that I needed. The price was right and he had new ones and used ones. He said the used ones had just gotten back from Afghanistan. My team loves the jackets and it has turned out to be a wonderful way to honor the men and women who belong to our nation's number one team."