Richland code enforcement cracks down

RICHLAND, Wash. - If you have noticed a cleaner community in Richland, that's because it is. Code enforcement has been cracking down on rule breakers, especially junky cars.

Last year Richland didn't have a full staff to cover code enforcement. It had more than 400 calls for service by this point in the year. Now that they have a full staff they've had nearly 100 fewer calls because they're able to spot problems on their own. One of the main issues is still broken down cars on front lawns.

"If something is going to drive the property value down, no one likes that, we want the property to be as much as it can be," said local resident David Roohr.

The average fine for a code violation is 150 dollars. The city says that tall grass will become a problem as people get lax on their lawns in the summer months.