Richland company helps with Fukushima cleanup

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A local company in Richland that helps with treatments at Hanford is now delivering a helping hand internationally.

Kurion has built a one-of-a-kind mobile tank that takes people out of the dangerous equation. The tank works by remote, aiding in the removal of strontium in tank water at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan. The goal is for the system to process more than 300 tons of water per day, so that harmful chemicals do not get released into the environment.

"It provides us the opportunity to bring equipment into a site very quickly without building equipment on site, and to deal with the problem and then get off the site when we're done," said project director David Carlson.

Officials say that the equipment was designed specifically for the disaster at Fukushima, but did not rule out future use at the Hanford site.