Richland promises to crack down on anyone spreading gun rumors

RICHLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT STATEMENT -- The Mayan end-of-the-world doomsday prediction for this Friday, December 21, has spawned rumors worldwide that violence will break out everywhere and people must protect themselves with firearms. These same rumors are being spread locally by a small minority of irresponsible people. These people have irresponsibly stated that students should bring guns to school this Friday to protect themselves. They have also spread other rumors that there will be shootings on the local school campuses tomorrow, specifically Richland High School. These rumors and hoaxes are happening throughout the nation.

RSD administrators and Richland police have been investigating the source of these statements and have found no merit to any of the rumors being circulated. Any students found to have started these rumors will be emergency expelled.

As a security precaution on Friday, we will have Richland Police officers on the Richland High campus and at other schools as needed. If you know of any credible threat or hear about any threat that a specific student is talking about bringing a weapon to any RSD campus tomorrow, call the Richland or West Richland Police Departments immediately or your school principal.

Todd Baddley
Assistant Superintendent
Richland School District