Richland says it will replace field letters

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland School District apologizes for taking down field letters without notification. A letter online was posted Saturday admitting to poor judgement.

Community members were outraged after RSD removed the concrete letters from Fran Rish Stadium. This week, the 'R' and 'H' representing each high school were removed. The 'C' outside Carmichael Middle School was also taken down. The Herald says the district did it out of safety concerns.

A Facebook page was formed in protest. It's gained more than 1,500 'likes.'

"Kind of a landmark. I mean, like any part in a town that's always been there, people go to a game, and they see the letters...Just to see something like that go away without a plan to replace, or any say, kind of bums people out I think," said RSD graduate Colin Sanders.

If you have an idea for replacing these symbols, call the superintendent.


As most of you know, Richland School District staff removed the "H" and "R" letters from Fran Rish Stadium this past week. We apologize to the many alumni and current students of Hanford and Richland High Schools and to the community members whom we have offended by removing the letters. We handled this poorly. These are traditional and meaningful symbols which have been displayed in a public place for decades. We showed poor judgment in not realizing the significance of these letters to alumni, current students, and the community. In hindsight, we should have let all stakeholders know about our intentions months ago and asked for their input. We could have done better and should have done better.

As we move forward and try to remedy this mistake, it will be important that the District involve interested stakeholders in determining how we might replace these symbols. If you have feedback or want to be involved in that process, we encourage you to contact Superintendent Schulte directly at 967-6001 or