Richland says 'No' to redistricting

RICHLAND, Wash. -- At Tuesday night's Richland School Board meeting, redistricting was once again expected to create fireworks. But the biggest boom came from the School Board President when he said, "there won't be any changes coming next year."

After an hour of discussion, Richard Jansens made the announcement to the relief of many parents in the packed meeting. He called middle school overcrowding a temporary issue, because bond dollars make a new middle school possible.

"We really have some options that we took a look at that are new this time," said Jansens. "One is accelerating the middle school construction so this becomes a one or two year problem." He added "our goal is to move students once as we build this middle school and we thought it best to not make those changes."

The only changes that could come now, according to Jansens, would affect new developments. Despite what boundaries they may reside in, new middle school students will go to Chief Joe.

There is a workshop in May for parents and staff to discuss any future redistricting options.