Richland School District lay out options for snow day make-ups

Richland School District layout plans for snow day make-ups

RICHLAND, Wash. - Students in Richland School District (RSD) have missed 66 hours of time in school and the district has ideas to make up for that lost time.

The unusual amounts of snow and ice have caused a total of nine school closures and six delayed school days according to a press release from RSD.

RSD superintendents Rick Schulte and Todd Baddley said four days will be made up on May 26, June 12, 13, 14.

Options including replacing twelve early release days with full days of instruction and a reschedule of parent conferences are also on the table for school board members to discuss.

Parent-teacher conferences would then be held June 15 and 16.

The district is scheduled to hold graduation June 2, but the decision has not been made official according to a statement from the superintendents.

The release stated that RSD high school seniors are now required to make up three of the nine snow days. The make-ups will likely be scheduled on the Saturdays of April 15, 22, and 29.

RSD staff has been working diligently on planning events and field trips (i.e. museum tours, test preparation time) for the three Saturdays.

Other potential options for seniors include returning to school after graduation for June 5, 6 and 7 or attending three days of school during spring break.

Superintendents plan to discuss options with school board members and make final decisions.

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