Road rage spurs shooting near Cable Bridge

KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE -- This morning (Monday) at about 9:30 am, the victim was driving southbound over the Cable Bridge into Kennewick. The 22 year of age male was the only occupant in his car which was a blue Ford Escort. As the victim neared the intersection of SR397 and Bruneau, he attempted to change lanes and accidentally cut off another vehicle. That vehicle was described as a 90's model, dark green, Ford Contour, 4 door occupied by two males.

A road rage chase ensued and at least three shots were fired by a handgun from the suspect vehicle toward the victim vehicle. No one was injured but one parked unoccupied car near E. 6th Ave and Ivy St. was struck by a bullet.

No further information is known about the suspect vehicle or its occupants. The case is still under investigation. At this time we have no reason to believe that suspects or the victim knew each other and this does not appear to be gang related.