Robbery suspect slips away

PASCO, Wash. -- Police are searching for an armed robber after spending most of the workday in a standoff outside a Pasco bank. Police from Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and other agencies were part of the response to the Bank of the West on W. Clark Street near N. 11th Avenue.

Police intend to release an image of the man they are searching for. They only had a vague description to share and say he might have been wearing a fake beard.

The robber left a backpack behind at the bank. It required the bomb squad to send a robot in and assess the threat. The backpack was removed. Explosions were also heard after the robot went in. It's likely they were flashbang devices that could have disoriented a suspect who remained inside.

Officers now think the man was not in the building for most of the day. They're not sure if he ever had a weapon but are treating this as an armed robbery. They say no cash was taken. No hostages were held.

A number of nearby schools were locked down due to the police activity. A small crowd gathered in a nearby parking lot to watch the unfolding scene. One preschool session was canceled because of the restrictions placed on school access.

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