Rough Neighborhoods in Walla Walla

WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Ann has lived on Chase avenue in Walla Walla for years, but her neighborhood is changing for the worse.

Ann says, "We started having people killed in the area. That scared the crap out of me."

She says gang violence seems to be taking over.

"I make sure I lock my doors at night, that's for sure. And I've purchased protection in order for me to sleep better at night," she continues.

And late Friday night, that "protection" proved vital. Shots were fired just a few houses away from Ann's after two men were jumped by a dozen gang members. The victims are still being treated in the hospital. Ann didn't hear a thing that night, but that's not unusual.

"Maybe I've become used to it, that's kind of a scary thought," Ann sighs.

Last year in Walla Walla, there were 145 violent crimes. That's up from 100 just a few years earlier. Police say it's a top priority to lower gang crime and Ann says she sees police cars often driving down her street.

"I don't think it's from lack of effort on their part," Ann tells KEPR.

But she's trying to do her part, too. Being active in her neighborhood, getting to know her neighbors, even if they're gang members.

"I know a lot of them in one way or another. Sometimes I just talk to them when they walk down the street."

In hopes of cleaning up Chase Avenue and a brighter outlook than she has now.

She says, "It's scary.. you never know that's going to happen."

Walla Walla Police are still looking for answers in Friday's incident. If you have any information, please give police a call.