SAFER ROADS: Far fewer crashes happening at ticket hotspots

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- So often enough troopers crack down on speeders in the Tri-Cities, and new numbers suggest it does keep our roads safer.

If only people slowed down, many accidents would not have happened in the first place.

In order to save lives on our highways, state patrol complied a list of the areas where drivers are most likely to speed, and then beefed up patrols on those roads.

"It takes a while for people to slow down and catch the hint that we're going to be there," says Trooper Brad Neff.

A year later, the result has been plenty of tickets for anyone driving with a lead foot, but also a huge reduction of crashes at accident hotspots.

Take the case of Highway 395, near the Blue Bridge. In the year since troopers started cracking down on speeders, the number of crashes along highway 395 has plunged 31%.

"There's no real good excuse for speeding. There's no real justification for it," says Trooper Neff.

Troopers have also had tremendous success at reducing crashes for anyone traveling I-82 between Benton City and Richland . By targeting the known speeding hotspot, the number of crashes dropped 39% in the last year.

And farther south you'll want to slow down on I-82 near the Badger Road exit. By handing out more tickets in the area, there's been an 11% drop of wrecks.

In light of the success, troopers are now looking at additional areas where they can focus patrols.