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Seahawks tickets going fast for "Tri-Cities Day"

Seahawks tickets going fast for "Tri-Cities Day"

KENNEWICK, Wash -- The tickets went fast! More than 100 tickets were on sale this morning for the Seahawks "Tri-Cities Day" regular season game, and they were sold out in a half hour.

This is the 14th year the Seahawks are having "Tri-Cities Day" at Centurylink Field.

At the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Friday morning, discounted tickets were on sale for a pre-season game and a regular season game.

102 tickets for the regular season game against the Houston Texans sold quickly, Kathy Botu was excited to snag three of them. "As you can tell I'm just a little excited to go to the game and hear the rumble of the crowd and just be part of it all it's just so amazing to be at an actual game. "

The Seahawks have "Tri-Cities Day", because way back when the Kingdome came down, a statewide tax initiative was put on the ballot to fund a new stadium, now Centurylink Field. The Tri-Cities was the only community in eastern Washington to overwhelmingly approve the tax.

There are still tickets available for the pre-season game. For ticket information you can log onto

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