Seahawks win keeps people talking

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The Seahawks' win over San Francisco has put the whole state into a frenzy and everyone is talking about the win and talking about Richard Sherman talking about the win.

Rad Howard was lucky enough to be at the game in Seattle.

"When I was jumping up and down, I ended up in the stairs, running around, high-fiving people, hugging people, it was awesome," said Rad Howard.

He told me the feeling of being there was even better than you can imagine.

"Just to be able to go is euphoric, I fell down at the game after the interception," said Howard.

Bar owners are cashing in, Chuck Fisher says the Seahawks deep run in the playoffs has helped business at his Jack-Sons location jump nearly 50%.

"And to be able to watch your business thrive, during a time of year when usually it may not be," said Chuck Fisher.

He's not the only one seeing dollar signs, Big 5 say they can barely keep shirts and jerseys on the racks. Getting new orders of Hawk merchandise weekly.

"I think our sales have been quite a bit higher than previous years or even earlier in the season," said Big 5 Manager, Ryan Sams.

While local businesses are making money, members of the 12th man are spending it.

"Paid way too much, $750, for the game, but it's priceless, I was there for us to win the NFC Championship game," said Howard.

Rad says he won't be able to afford a trip to New Jersey, but a win would still put money in his pocket.

"Cash out my ticket, I bet them to win the NFC Championship game and bet them to win the Super Bowl before the season started back in August," said Howard.

Jack-Son's Bar tells KEPR they will be having their very own tailgate party for those who can't afford the flight to New Jersey. They say spots are limited with over half their reservations already booked.