Seattle barista fired over snarky anonymous blog

SEATTLE -- An anonymous blog containing snarky comments has cost a Seattle barista his job, even though he claims the comments were intended as satire.

The {A href=",d.cGE" target="_blank"}Bitter Barista blog has gained thousands of readers since it recently launched.

"It just all happened so fast, and here we are!" said Matt Watson, the man behind the blog.

Watson has been posting snarky comments on the anonymous blog, including:

"You don't tip, and suddenly the Wi-Fi goes. What a coincidence."

"I would remember your usual drink if you were a more memorable person."

Watson said he would have preferred to remain anonymous as the writer of the blog, but, a blog highlighting "coffee news and frothy gossip", outed him.

The news didn't sit so well with his boss at All City Coffee in Georgetown even though Watson's rants never identified the business, and never named the customers he mocked. As a result, despite the blog's popularity, Watson was fired.

"It's a shame you can't have a job you like and complain about it," said Watson.

Watson said he plans to continue writing his blog, and said he won't look for another barista job right away.

Instead, he plans to focus on rap, his real love.

"I have a record out in four weeks, and I planned to take some time off to promote it," he said. "So this works out really well."

He hopes his new-found notoriety helps fuel his hip-hop career.