Service dog for deaf man missing from Kennewick apartments

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- In February, a service dog named sammy went missing. His owners, one who is deaf, need your help to find him.

The Chandlers say that Sammy, a two-year old white and tan Lowchen Maltese, went out in the snow near their home at the Heatherstone Apartments in Kennewick. He was with their other dog Little Bit.

When Little Bit returned home without Sammy, the couple began a search.

Virginia depends on her service dog as a diabetic, but her husband needs Sammy to hear, be aware of his surroundings, and just get through his daily routine.

"Please, he misses him so much," Chandler said. "He walked around out in the snow until he got sick, and he still wanders. So please, if you have him, please return him."

If you have any information on this dog, please bring him to the Heatherstone Apartments at 1114 W 10th Ave in Kennewick.

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