Service Peace Warriors trains service dogs to help local veterans heal

Service Peace Warriors helps veterans suffering from PTSD by providing them with service dogs.

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A four-legged friend is sometimes all the medicine someone needs.

Today, Mission Support Alliance welcomed Service Peace Warriors, a local non-profit that helps veterans suffering from PTSD by providing them with service dogs.

MSA members met Henry the Australian shepherd who works with Navy veteran Jesus Cortez. Cortez spoke to the group about how his life has improved dramatically since having Henry by his side.

"We've worked with a lot of veterans locally, and as you saw with Jesus and a couple of our other veterans, it's changed their lives completely,” Service Peace Warriors Vice President Eric Mattox explained. “They're able to go out in public and do stuff with their families instead of having depression, anxiety and worrying about that."

Right now a German shepherd named Delta is in her two-year training and soon enough, she will be ready to love a new companion.

Veterans who apply get dogs like Delta for free, plus all of the supplies that come with owning a dog.

If you are a Veteran suffering from PTSD and would like to apply for a service dog, click here.

To make a contribution, click here for the Service Peace Warriors website or call (509) 539-7928 if you’re interested in donating dog supplies.

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