Seven hour stand off leads to arrest

KENNEWICK, Wash. - It took seven hours to coax a man out of a Kennewick apartment after a woman escaped in her underwear. What began as a hostage situation, turned into a stubborn man who refused to listen to police.

This was a very long day for our local law enforcement, in fact police say it was the longest stand off they have ever dealt with. Officers say 33-year old Jorge Garcia held two women hostage, pointing a gun at at least one of them. Police were able to get the two women out early this morning, but the rest of the area had to be evacuated.

Christopher Kvamme and his family live in the Ranier Park Apartments on West 21st Avenue and Rainier, he says he always worried something wasn't right with his neighbors.

"For the past few weeks it's kind of been building up to something like this, so I'm not really that surprised," said neighbor, Christopher Kvamme.

Police got a call about a man who was pointing a gun at a woman in the apartment complex. They arrived to find 33 year old Jorge Garcia inside a woman's apartment, Garcia did not live there. Police say he was holding two women hostage, a 40 year old woman was able to escape in just her underwear and a 24 year old woman was let go later. Garcia refused to come out and officers believed he was ready for a fight.

"He had the place barricaded with refrigerators, beds, couches in front of the doors," said Sgt. Ken Lattin.

Police used flashbang grenades that are meant to stun you with flashes of light and loud noises. They also sprayed tear gas into the window to pry Garcia out of the complex, but nothing worked. A robot camera showed them his every move.

"He may not have known it, but we were watching, we could tell when he was lying," said Sgt. Lattin.

After seven hours, the bomb squad showed up ready to blow the doors off the place, but Garcia gave up shortly after and was arrested by the SWAT team.

"The key is to not get impatient because we want this to have a peaceful ending where no one gets hurt and that was the desired result and end result of this thing," said Sgt. Lattin.

Christopher said he's had trouble with Garcia before.

"He's a menace, we told him to turn his music down and he comes down and pulls a gun on us, because he was mad at us, something is not right with him," said Kvamme.

Jorge Garcia was booked into jail on suspicion of assault.

Garcia had two outstanding warrants on his record, police still don't know what started all the trouble. They were relieved no one was hurt and the standoff ended peacefully.