Sex offender alert for Horn Rapids

RICHLAND - Richland Police held a meeting Friday night, addressing a local sex offender that's considered more of a threat.

Jeffry Smith was first labeled as a level one offender for a committing sex crimes against a woman in the military back at Fort Knox.

He lives here now. People have complained he's made crude comments at the Horn Rapids Community Pool.

Police upgraded his status to a level two offender. Residents say they're concerned about their safety.

"I think the way it's being handled in our community, we will stick together and watch out for one another," said Horn Rapids resident Becky Bishop.

I was tickled to death about the number of homeowners that showed up. It indicates how interested our people are in our community," added Horn Rapids HOA President George Hyriazis.

Detectives say only a couple people usually show up to these meetings. But Friday, there were 20 in attendance.