Sex offender gives out candy on Halloween -- and it's legal

KENNEWICK -- KEPR is Taking Action For You, after a frustrated call into our newsroom on Halloween. They were furious that a registered sex offender was handing out candy to neighborhood children.
The caller says she called police but nothing ever happened.

So, Action News checked with Kennewick Police, who say they did pay a visit to that neighborhood Halloween night.

Kennewick Police spokesman Mike Blatman says it was determined that no laws were being broken. But the caller chose to be anonymous, so there was no way to inform her.

The offender has already paid their time behind bars, and is no longer under supervision from the Department of Corrections. And since there are no restrictions keeping the offender away from children, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters is perfectly legal.

Blatman says it's a common misconception that offenders aren't ever allowed around kids.

He encourages families to track sex offenders in their neighborhood using the Benton and Franklin County Sex Offender Registries, so they can stay aware of potential risks to their children.