Sex offender moves in near Marcus Whitman

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A level three sex offender was recently released from prison and is living near Marcus Whitman Elementary. Gy Campbell, 48, has been convicted of raping a child, communicating with a child for immoral purposes, and has a history of failing to register as a sex offender.

Campbell is of shorter stature, he's 5'5" and about 200 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is living on the 600 block of Birch Avenue in Richland. His convictions date back to 1991.

Campbell's victims included minor females between the ages of 7-15 who were known to him. Campbell is currently being supervised by the Department of Corrections. Campbell has not completed any sexual offender treatment programs, and has a history of psychological disorders and drug/alcohol abuse.

Campbell is not wanted by law enforcement. But he is also not allowed on the grounds of any parks, schools or libraries across the Tri-Cities.

A community notification meeting will be held at the Richland Police Department on February 7th at 6pm hours for those interested in additional information about sexual offenders.