Sheriff's office: 4 men catch and "zip-tie" suspected burglar

YAKIMA SHERIFF'S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE -- On 12/19/11, members of the Yakima County Sheriff's Office Patrol and Detective units, Yakima Police Department K-9 units and the Violent Crimes Task Force, located, and with the assistance of a four brave citizens, arrested three burglary and auto theft suspects.

The three suspects, Shane Hughes, Daniel McEwen and Christina Delaney, we observed entering a residence in the 5000 block of Bohoskey Drive by an observant citizen who phoned in the suspicious incident to YSO dispatch. Responding deputies observed an ATV (four-wheeler) and a pickup loaded down with property leaving the residence. The pickup was driven by McEwen. Delaney was the passenger. The pickup was stopped by deputies at the scene where the two were taken into custody. Hughes was operating the ATV and fled leading the deputies on a chase on rural county roads. Hughes finally dumped the ATV and fled on foot. The Yakima Police Department K-9 unit was contacted as was the Violent Crimes Task Force to assist.

Hughes has a lengthy criminal history and was wanted by the VCTF for numerous auto theft and stolen property charges. During the K-9 track, four male citizens in the area approached several members of VCTF inquiring as what was going on. They were advised as to the reason for the search, and after being shown a photograph of the suspect, departed returning to their residence. Around 30 minutes later, the young male citizens returned advising they had "got him!" The citizens, who were very excited, said "they caught the guy and they had him on the property and to come quickly". Detective Hampton and Deputy US Marshal Smith, both members of the task force, responded to the residence where they found several armed individuals with the suspect sitting on the ground with his hands "zip-tied" behind his back. When asked how they got Hughes, the males said the saw him sneaking across their property and recognized him from the picture they were just shown. Not knowing if he was armed, the brave citizens stopped and had to physically restrain the male.

Hughes was booked into the jail on numerous felony charges including: Failure to register as a Sex offender, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Eluding, Possession of Stolen Property, theft of a Motor Vehicle, and multiple investigations of burglaries.

McEwen and Delaney were each booked on burglary charges.

Yakima County Sheriff Ken Irwin personally thanked each of the citizens who stepped up to help capture Hughes and wanted to also thank the original caller who reported the burglary that helped capture the three suspects.

As shown from this successful incident, any time you observe a suspicious incident or person in your neighborhood, call the police or sheriff. Please remember that the suspect may be armed or violent so don't try to capture them.