Shooting witness: 'I was cowering in front of him'

SEATTLE -- A night out at a Central District neighborhood bar became a brush with death for Marti Jonjak and her girlfriends when they found themselves pinned down by a gunman.

"I was cowering in front of him, and he was holding the gun in front," Jonjak said. "The girl was right next to me. I was back into a corner with the girl that got shot, and two other women."

The gunman had come to the Twilight Exit on Sunday night, looking for his ex-girlfriend, police said. Jonjak had noticed the man earlier in the night when, by chance, she sat down next to a woman with whom he began arguing.

"He was saying things like, 'You let them break into my house. They took all of my stuff. Why did you do that?'" said Jonjak.

A bouncer took the man outside. Twenty minutes later, the man returned with a gun and opened fire, Jonjak said.

When the bouncer tried to block his path, the gunman shot him in the leg, investigators said, then made his way to his ex-girlfriend.

"And he was pointing the gun at her," said Jonjak. "I was right next to her."

An argument ensued and the man pulled out a gun, firing several shots. The woman was struck multiple times.

As the gunman fired, Jonjak ran outside where she saw the bouncer on the ground, covered in blood. Someone helping him asked her to call 911.

"And I noticed when he handed me the phone, it was covered in blood, and my hands were covered in blood," said Jonjak.

When police arrived, the gunman fired at them, investigators said. One officer shot back, killing the man at the scene.

The gunman and the ex-girlfriend have a 9-month old child together and witnesses reported he made some comments that he might have injured the child.

Police rushed to the home where the child lived but found the child was safe and not hurt. Police did, however, find a marijuana grow operation in the house, according to a police source.

The two shooting victims were rushed to a local hospital. They are expected to survive.

Police are still investigating the incident. The gunman has not been identified.