Police investigate shots fired in Pasco

Police investigate shots fired in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. - Pasco Police are currently investigating a case of shots fired in which the bullet came down and hit the vehicle of an innocent driver.

This happened about 9:40 last night, when officers investigated two different complaints of shots fired on the 400 block of North Beech.

Callers reported that people in a car fired a pistol and sped off. Officers found spent 9MM casings in the roadway, but the suspects were not found.

Meanwhile, about 15 blocks away, the driver of a Dodge Avenger was near the Volunteer Park roundabout when something fell from the sky and broke his windshield.

Police think it was one of the bullets.

Officers say firing rounds into the sky is very dangerous and illegal.

Pasco Police are asking anyone with information on the shooter to call 509-545-3421. The case reference number is PP17-19579.

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