Smartphone tracking device helps police catch Kennewick burglars

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- If you're unlucky to be the victim of a burglary, a smart phone app could help police solve your case. It happened just this week.

On Friday, thieves broke into a house on Clearwater Place in Kennewick. Along with valuables and jewelry, the burglars took stole a smart phone. As it turns out, the phone's tracking device was still on. It eventually led police to a local hotel, where police arrested three teenagers for the crime. While this case did have a happy ending, officers tell us daytime burglaries are happening more often.

Kennwick Police officer, Becca Jones tells KEPR, "It's a new trend we're seeing.. That people will knock on the door in an attempt to see if anyone is home prior to the burglary."

A neighbor did tell police she saw a teen knock on the victim's door. Once the suspects realized no one was home, they broke into the back door.