Snowboarder's death blamed on injury only

STATEMENT FROM COLUMBIA COUNTY CORONER: I have completed the death investigation and death certificate in this case.

To investigate the death, I reviewed the following documents:
Ski Area Bluewood Incident Report Form, with attachments Bluewood Ski Patrol Ambulance Call Report Dayton General Hopsital Emergency Department Physician's Report DGH Emergency Room Notes DGH Lab REport DGH Initial Care Flow Record DGH Code Blue Documentation Sheet Columbia County Fire Protection District #3 Prehospital Care Report Columbia County E-911 dispatch records Washington State Department of Health EMT-Basic Field Protocols

I reviewed information received from Dr. Kimberly Abernathy; Rick Turner, Chief CCFPD#3; Bluewood Ski Patrol personnel; Columbia County E-911 personnel; LifeFlight Network; and Northwest MedStar.

I obtained weather, road, and snow conditions for 01/25/2014.

Based upon my investigation, I completed the death certificate.

The information on the death certificate is public record. To that extent, I provide the following information:

On January 25, 2014, at approximately 12:15pm, Hunter Conner, 14 yoa male, sustained blunt force trauma to his abdominal area due to a snow boarding fall at ground level, at Ski Bluewood recreation area. The Manner of Death is Accident. The Immediate Cause of Death was Hemorrhagic shock/inadequate tissue perfusion due to perforated abdominal viscus, due to the blunt force injury, due to the fall. I found no other conditions or occurrences that contributed to the death. The time of death was 3:10pm on January 25, 2014, the location of death was Dayton General Hospital in Dayton, Washington.

Definitions to assist: Hemorrhagic shock is a condition of reduced tissue perfusion, resulting in the inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for cellular function. Whenever cellular oxygen demand outweighs supply, both the cell and the organism are in a state of shock.

Viscus is the organs found in the abdomen and chest, perforated abdominal viscus is a tearing or rupturing of any of the abdominal organ.

Pursuant to State law, RCW 68.50.105, the coroner's report is confidential, to obtain a copy of the coroner's report, you must obtain an authorization from a family member or personal representative.

The above is all of the information that I can legally provide to you.