Some prices go up at the fair

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - KEPR found prices are up a bit in many places around the fair.

Parking saw a 60 percent hike to $8 a car. Admission also went up.

Many food vendors have absorbed the cost of taxes in the past but now they're passing it on to you.

Bob is a food vendor. He said,"We're always trying to be competitively priced. we're not here to gouge anybody but we're trying to be here to survive and make a fair profit off our investment."

We checked out the best places to score a deal. For lemonade, go to the Young Life booth, where it's two bucks.

For corn dogs, anywhere you see foot long booths. The dogs all run $6 but they were half that a couple years ago.

Elephant ears are $5 no matter where you go.