Spring soil temperatures at your fingertips

Spring soil temperatures at your fingertips

PROSSER, Wash. - The wet winter we experienced provides more water this spring, but it may also hurt spring planting with wetter soil. This season, before planting a backyard garden or commercial crops, experts say to check the soil temperature. If the soil is too cold, the seeds will sit and rot.

The classic soil thermometer still works, but you can also rely on WSU technology at your fingertips with AGWeatherNet. Use their mobile app out in the garden without doing the dirty work.

“Smartphones in a lot of ways are helpful because you can actually be out in the field with them,” said WSU Climatologist Nic Loyd. “If you’re concerned about your pots or your tomato plants outside, you can set an alert.”

To learn more about the technology available for keeping plants healthy, click here.

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