State patrol looking to fill 100 positions state-wide

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Washington State Patrol says they're experiencing a trooper shortage state wide..

Even right here in tri-cities.

“I applied to be a trooper because I wanted to go out and help people. Taking care of people and going out there and giving an extra hand is someone I wanted to be,” said Jeffrey Issac.

Jeffrey Issac is just a month away from being an official state patrol trooper here in Tri-Cities.

He’s been training over the past few months with a few others learning the ropes.

“They're doing fatality collisions, hit and run, basic collisions- anything the occurs on the highways they’re learning how to do it right now,” said Trooper Chris Thorson of State Patrol.

Jeffery joins about 50 others in the state right now training to be a trooper.

But officials say state-wide they’re still 100 short.

"It's really important because the more troopers we have on the highways the faster we can respond to emergency situations and calls. If there's a big incident that occurs and people need help- if there’s only one or two troopers out and we’re tied up, it's going to take a long time to come help you out,” added Thorson.

Troopers are needed to not only respond to a crisis, but to help regulate the roads.

“Besides helping people out there’s more troopers out enforcing traffic laws like following too close road rage and speeding,” said Thorson.

But if there's not enough troopers to do that, public safety could be at risk.

That’s why state patrol is urging anyone who might be interested in being a trooper to apply.

“If you think about it. do it. It’s a great experience," added Issac.

If you're interested in applying, click here.

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