State representative Larry Haler seeks Senate

TRI-CITIES - A big surprise today when State Representative Larry Haler said he'd likely step down from the seat he was just re-elected to in a landslide.

Haler said he'd like to fill the State Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jerome Delvin.

Someone would need to be appointed to Delvin's seat -- and that also means someone would be appointed to Haler's seat -- excluding voters from a choice in the matter.

Reporter: "Do you say it's unfair at all to these constituents who voted you in, and then -- you have to turn away, and they are not able to vote in your replacement. What does that look like?"

"I don't know what's going to be happening with my replacement. If I get the senate seat, the process has to be top three selections made by the local political party and precinct committee officers," said Larry Haler.

Now it's up to the local political party and the precinct committee officers to make three top selections for the seat -- and choose a person to appoint.