State sales tax frustrates local Crossfit

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR told you that Crossfit gyms are being told to pay taxes they didn't think they'd have to and we learned this is also the case here in the Tri-Cities.

There is just one Crossfit, it's in Kennewick near Sam's Saloon.
In the past, Crossfit gyms didn't pay the same retail sales tax as a traditional gym because they argued they were instructing students. Now the Department of Revenue has come calling for many Crossfit locations. Kennewick's owner says he paid ten grand in taxes last year and shells out about $500 a month.

"That money could be associated to getting new equipment, expand my business and turning something that is my passion into a lifestyle for me," said owner Joey Sanchez.

Sanchez says he's not in immediate danger of having to close his gym, but he's concerned about the added costs.