Still searching for drowning victim in the Snake River

BURBANK -- The search continues for a young boy, believed to have drowned in the Snake River over the weekend.

Rescue crews were out again at Hood Park in Burbank Tuesday evening, where the boy first went into the water. Dive rescuers are scouring the bottom of the river for any sign of his body.

A handmade sign now hangs at the boat launch of Hood Park, hoping for any sign of 14-year-old Timothy Bowden.

He and four others were headed out fishing just after midnight Sunday morning, when their 12- foot boat suddenly ran into problems. Authorities tell Action News it sank fast, just around the corner from the dock, only about 20 feet from shore.

"It's a tragic, tragic event," says Walla Walla County Undersheriff Edward Freyer. "We are all saddened by it, and we wish we had a different outcome. But this is a river. It's nature, and it's a dangerous place. So, we're just trying to give some resolution to the family."

Crews are now calling it a 'recovery' mission for Bowden's body. But they say the search is a painstaking process.

The volunteer divers are looking downstream from where the boat sank. They stay underwater for about 40-minutes at a time, doing a grid-by-grid search by hand.

"It's pretty poor. Visibility is only about 2-1/2 or 3 feet in front of them."

Friends and family members tell KEPR it's still unclear what caused the boat to sink. But at this point they say it no longer matters.

They're just hoping to finally find Timothy, so they can put him, and the search, to rest.

Crews continued diving until sunset on Tuesday, and they tell Action News they will be right back out again on Wednesday.

There are also rescue teams from Idaho coming in with sonar equipment tomorrow, to help locate the body under the surface.