Strange weather phenomenon hits Kennewick neighborhood

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A bizarre weather phenomenon hit a Kennewick neighborhood. It tossed a swing set from the back yard to the front yard.

We were skeptical when the homeowners first called and our reporter was shocked at what he found.

The swing set was held down with sandbags. It was pulled off the ground and hit the truck in the driveway.

This happened on Yellowstone avenue, near Edison and Highway 240. The sudden burst of wind left the slide and the shovel on the roof of the home. The whole event was mostly confined to just two houses, which left the people inside scratching their heads.

"I said, whoa Steve, look at that! it's a big tumbleweed floating around in the air. Probably 50 feet up. Then we just hear this crash and then parts of my shed just started appearing," said resident Craig Collins.

One window was broken. Storm Track Mike McCabe says it's not a microburst, but rather, uneven temperatures causing winds in the atmosphere.

He says it's likely because the temperature of the asphalt on Highway 240 and colder temperature of the river.