Student brings air gun to Chief Jo Middle School

RICHLAND -- KEPR is continuing to follow a story we first broke Thursday afternoon on reports of a gun a Richland Middle School.

Action News was the only news crew on the scene at Chief Jo where police say a 6th grader brought an air-soft gun onto campus. It happened after school had already let out for day, so there was never a lock-down. Authorities say the 11-year-old was trying to sell the air gun to another student. He reportedly stashed it in the bushes, when a third child grabbed it and began pointing it at a fourth student.

Police tell Action News that's when witnesses ran in to the school to report what was going on. Officers responded immediately and were directed to the student's home by other kids who had seen the boy run away as police arrived. They say the child was cooperative, and was taken into custody, only to be released back into the supervision of his parents.

Authorities tell Action News at least ten students were involved, either directly or indirectly. At least two have been immediately expelled, while the police investigation continues.