Student who wrote 'death list' re-admitted to school

FINLEY - It's a nightmare for every parent. A student writes up a 'death list' and your child's name is on it. It was the reality for Finley School District this past spring. Now, KEPR has learned the student who wrote that list has been re-admitted to school. It's left some parents concerned and angry.

It's the sound of an alert no student wants to hear. This March, staff at Finley Middle School found a handwritten note on campus. Dozens of students and staff members that one seventh grader wanted dead.

Officials took action by issuing an emergency expulsion. The 13-year-old girl was detained in the Benton County Juvenile Justice Center. But now, that student's back. It's put some locals on edge.

"I don't want her back because I think it's ridiculous, and I'm scared that something else is going to happen," said River View High School Student Raven Sallee.

"I think the school or whoever needs to find why the girl would want them dead," said Finley resident Esther Miller.

I went to speak with administrators. They tell me the teen completed the necessary requirements. But can't go into specifics due to privacy laws. The superintendent *did release this statement:

"Our number one goal is to keep our students safe. We continue to educate both staff and students on ways to...hopefully prevent these types of occurences."

"They need counseling, the child needs counseling, the parents need counseling, and the school needs to find out why she wanted them dead," said Miller.

It's a goal to intervene early. All to help the most at-risk youth and keep your child safe.

Some wished the district would have announced the students readmittance. But for officials it's been a matter of respecting any privacy laws.