Stun gun lands suspected Ranch and Home thief in hot water

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Just because it's called Ranch and Home, doesn't mean you can treat everything inside as if it's your own.

Police say Justin Barrett tried walking out of Ranch and Home in Kennewick with an electric scale Wednesday night. But, he didn't go unnoticed; a couple Ranch and Home employees were watching and stopped him at the doors. Barrett ran into the parking lot as the workers chased after him, until the suspected thief pulled a weapon.

"I just followed Daniel to make sure he was alright, in case he needed help or got attacked, said Tyrel Bean, a Ranch and Home employee. "I followed Daniel out into the parking lot and that's when [Barrett] whipped out a Taser. Once he turned it on and started pointing it at us, I got pretty intimidated, but I wasn't scared. At this point I knew we needed to detain this guy," said Bean.

The 22-year-old dropped the scale and took off running, but didn't get very far. He was arrested on Clearwater and booked for assault and theft.

The store told KEPR the scale was worth just $50 dollars.