Suspect identified in Kennewick shooting

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick Police say they have identified the person of interest as after a 22 and a 23 year old were shot in their car, early Saturday morning. The Suspect has been identified as 24 year old Antonio (Tony) Magana. Police describe him as 5'06" and 165lbs. Police are still looking for him.

Police believe this man is responsible for the shootings, but he is still on the streets.

Justun Anderson was at the gas station where it all happened on Sunday. He couldn't believe a shooting happened just 24 hours earlier and everyone was hustling and bustling around like normal.

"That's just nuts," Justus says.

He has a thirteen year old daughter and usually doesn't worry about her walking to the gas station on 10th and Washington.

He continues, "She is always walking around with her friends and stuff. Hopefully she doesn' t get in with the wrong crowd."

Police are still investigating the crime, but do not believe that the person of interest has a direct relationship with the victims. Which is even more worrisome for Justun.

"They don't think about the consequences of their actions. Or the innocent people that aren't involved in this lifestyle that could get hurt." Justin tells KEPR.

KEPR was told by a close friend of the victims that they are still being treated. One is expected to be released with minimal injuries and the other with more serious injuries, but police have yet to confirm details on where they were shot.