Suspected murderer describes killing of Kennewick grandmother

BENTON COUNTY -- The coroner has confirmed that the cause of death for Viola Williams was a combination of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and torso along with sharp injuries to the head and neck. The entire autopsy took 6 hours. A complete report, including a toxicology report is expected in a few weeks.

KEPR has obtained the court papers which describe a horrific demise for a Kennewick grandmother. Her own grandson is suspected of her death. We want to warn you, it is a very graphic description by the suspect that you will find in these public documents.

The West Richland man accused of murdering his 87 year old grandmother last Friday went in front of a judge today.

Surrounded by five sheriff's deputies, Adam Williams was kept seated in the jury box at the request of his court-appointed defense attorneys. They said it was for safety reasons. And if you read the statements Williams made to police you could understand why he is seen as such a threat.

In the paperwork Williams refers to himself as Lucifer Grand Am Dynasty. The details surrounding this crime are shocking.

Police say Williams confessed after he had been read his Miranda rights. He told officers God had sent a guiding light and angels to him. The light directed he kill Viola Williams -- his 87-year old grandmother. Adam Williams offered a graphic account to police of her final moments.
He said he punched her, tried to pull off her head, suffocate her, light her on fire and eventually stabbed her in the throat. Williams told officers he only stopped when God told him that was enough.

The Benton County Coroner expected the victim's autopsy to take twice as long as a typical autopsy.

A neighbor who lives next door to Adam Williams remembers seeing him on the very day his grandmother's body was found.

"He was sitting on his front porch looking, like, lost," said Joni Torrie

Adam Williams was arrested hours after Viola's body was found by her daughter, at her home off Highway 395 in Kennewick.

"It's a huge shock, continued Joni. I thought somebody was just -- rumor. How those things go and they were making it up. There's so many kids in this apartment complex and even older people. I'm just amazed that none of us had any idea. I just thank the Lord for keeping us safe."

And safety is now the priority for everyone as Williams was ordered to Eastern State for a rundown on his mental status. It's clear to the court he is a very troubled young man who first got in trouble with the law when he was just 14.

Prosecutors hope Williams may be behind bars for good now that he's facing first degree murder charges.