Swan found killed at Sunset Memorial Gardens

RICHLAND, Wash. -- An upsetting discovery was made at Sunset Memorial Gardens. Their logo is a swan, and two swans used to live at the pond. On Easter morning, one of the birds was found mangled, its neck broken.

Managers now say they found the eldest swan still inside the pond with its neck wrapped around a post. Coyotes have always been a problem, but they say this was done by human hands.

The general manager says the non-profit will now look into purchasing a security system.

"This is hallowed ground out here, we don't want to lock the public out," said Patrick Hollick. "But, our motto is to be stewards of our heritage, and so we can't afford to have people out here that mean us harm."

Sunset Memorial Gardens will purchase another swan. Tips are welcome if you know what happened to the bird.