Taco Bell makes surprise reveal to an Othello man

OTHELLO - An Othello man sees his fast-food dreams become reality with a big surprise from Taco Bell.

What Zeke Castro thought was a simple visit from the Taco Bell truck turned out to be something much longer-lasting. After the tacos were passed out, the company announced a huge surprise to their big fan.

All permits allowing, Taco Bell plans to set up shop in Othello! They're doing it because Zeke Castro called up the company last summer and said he wanted one. When we talked to the change-maker, he was beside himself with excitement.

"New Taco Bell coming soon. The tears were barely there. Just, I tried to keep it cool. I'm very excited," said Othello resident Zeke Castro.

"It is so amazing to bring his dream come true and to bring tacos where they haven't been before," said Taco Bell Franchisee Craig Langel.

The move will create about 25 new jobs for the area. The restaurant is expected to open by this Fall.