Taking back Milton-Freewater

      Taking a small town back from criminals. That's the goal in Milton Freewater--- as the town grapples with a problem it's rarely seen: violent crime. Concerned neighbors held a giant meeting Friday to tackle crime in their community.

      And as we show you tonight, there are plenty of ideas to go around... all with the hope of a making Milton-Freewater a safer place.

      First a murder and shootings --now an assault.
      Milton Freewater is a community that knows tragedy all too well.

      "I'd like that sense of security back," said Milton-Freewater resident McKenzie Marly.

      McKenzie Marly is the daughter of beloved Cecil "Rob" Carter. He was brutally murdered last December.
      She now helps organize public meetings -- for citizens and law enforcement to dialogue.

      "If we all don't come together - it's not going to work," said Marly.

      It's the third meeting like it. County and city officials - along with Representative Greg Smith - answered questions for almost three hours Friday night. About 250 attended the event.

      "Milton-Freewater is a fabulous community, but we live in a dangerous society," said Oregon State Representative Greg Smith.

      Every family has its ups and downs - including this one. Talks of arming your home and jailing criminals. Plans made for community watch programs, citizen policing and new troopers.

      Taking back their town.

      "My dad - when he was murdered - you know - he died standing up for what was right. I will live the rest of my life doing the same thing," added Marly.

      Deputies are still searching for a person of interest in the assault case.
      The community plans to hold another meeting on the 18th.
      The new Oregon State Troopers will be added to Umatilla County March first.