Terry Chick accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

PASCO -- if you recall last Friday Davis Wahlman threw the ice bucket challenge at me and yes I have taken longer than the 24 hours but I had to consult my cardiologist Davis because you know, you have a bad heart, I had a bad heart. It's a good heart now, at least we're gonna find out. Frances, if you could come up and show everyone that I'm not wimping out. That's real ice people, we've got a full bucket in there. And this is for a great cause, the ALS Foundation and I'm willing to take it on..ready to go. My good buddy, Davis Wahlman now has it and Frances if you could take the microphone. Alright Davis, I'm ready..let it rip. ALS here we go. OHHHH!!! It's ticking. It's ticking. Took a licking and still ticking. And now, we have to keep the chain going, so to speak. So, right off the bat I'm going to challenge Kevin Uretsky at KVEW. Kevin just got fianced. Kevin's engaged so a good bucket of ice will come in handy on these hot summer nights and two guys who make our jobs very easy here at KEPR, Captain Mike Cobb with the Richland Police. A great guy, a great leader so now you get a chance to lead and let others follow you. And a guy I know could certainly use an ice bucket challenge this very hot summer: Captain Devin Helland with Benton Fire District 1. The guy does a great job for us and keeps us safe at night and he could certainly use some ice. So there you go..24 hours..take the challenge and get cool.