Terry Chick devours chicken wings!!!

KENNEWICK - KEPR-TV news anchor channeled his inner Joey Chestnut to devour the competition at a chicken wings eating contest to celebrate the opening of the Best Bet Bar and Grill at the Lucky Bridge Casino.
Terry was joined by 3 other TV and radio personalities at the main event table.
The rules were simple. The first to chow down on 20 wings was the winner.
Terry polished off his plate in grand fashion. He fileted his competition. When he finished his 20th wing, his closest competitor still had three wings on his plate.
"The wings were great and I think I still have three of them in my cheeks", said Terry as he looked around the room for some Tums.
The event raised $1,000 for three local charities: Elijah Family Homes, SARC Support, Advocacy and Resource Center and Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties.