"There really is no excuse,” police arrest 3 drunk drivers in 3 hours

"There really is no excuse,” police arrest 3 drunk drivers in 3 hours

TRI-CITIES, Wash. – Three separate drunk driving crashes happened within three hours late Saturday night. These numbers even have Kennewick police shocked.

Officers told Action News when the holidays roll around, the number of DUI-related crashes tend to go up.

With more drinking at holiday parties and family gatherings, law enforcement is urging people not to drink and drive—for everyone's sake.

Three Crashes. Three hours. Three drunk drivers.

Kennewick police said the first crash happened around 11 p.m. Saturday, when a 27-year-old woman jumped the curb and high-centered her car.

The next potentially drunken crash happened an hour later—where 28-year-old man drove through a roundabout on Hildebrand Blvd., severely damaging his car.

KPD said the third drunk driver was 21years old and that she drove into the signal pole at Volland St. and Canal Dr.

KPD arrested all three drivers for driving under the influence.

"The one thing about these types of incidents is that they are so preventable," said Roman Trujillo, community relations officer for the Kennewick police.

From taxis, to designated drivers, public transportation and now the Tri-Cities has Uber and Lyft, Officer Trujillo said there's so many ways to avoid drinking and driving.

"There really is no excuse,” Trujillo said. “And a cab ride home or an Uber ride is going to be much less expensive than the alternative."

The consequences Trujillo said would be A DUI arrest, property damage, thousands of dollars of legal fines, jail time, or worse.

"The cost emotionally of living with yourself if you were to cause an injury or death of somebody else," he said.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is shooting for ZERO traffic deaths by 2020 and one initiative is to crack down on drunk drivers this holiday season.

"Drinking and driving is something that’s always been an issue,” said Jennifer Dorsett, Target Zero manager for Benton and Franklin Counties. “It's always something that causes over half the deaths in the state, it's something we continuously focus on, yet it's something people continuously don’t plan for in advance."

Law enforcement will have extra DUI patrols starting this week and run through the end of the year, according to WTSC.

Dorsett said WSP, plus police departments in Prosser, Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and West Richland, as well as the sheriff's offices in Benton and Franklin Counties are taking part in extra DUI patrols.

"We're asking people to plan ahead, we're asking people don't drink and drive, be safe and keep everyone else safe," she said.

She said the consequences of drinking and driving is not how you want to remember your holidays.

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