Three Rivers Convention Center to add third ice rink in expansion proposal

Proposed plans of "The Link"

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Last August, Kennewick voters shot down an expansion plan for the Three Rivers Convention Center and Toyota Center. Now the complex has come back with another proposal with another tax increase.

The originally proposal was a $35 million project for a 110-thousand-square-foot space called "The Link". Now officials with the convention center would like to build a Broadway style theater, as well as a third ice rink to accommodate the growing hockey and figure skating community.

"With three sheets of ice directly adjacent to each other, there's a lot of national tournaments we could look at a couple times a year, bringing in 40 to 50 teams into town,” Executive Director Corey Pearson explained. “It's a whole new way to bring more people into our community and have them help pay for our project."

Three Rivers Convention Center says they're currently working on an accurate budget and timeline with their architect, but would hope to get plans rolled out as early as this fall.

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