Three separate brush fires blanket Tri Cities in thick smoke

BENTON COUNTY -- Smoke from a massive wildfire in Cle Elum contributed to a thick smell and even debris in the Tri-Cities.

This contributed to three other fires between Prosser and the Benton City area.

The extremely hot and dry conditions are making the perfect conditions for wildfires.

The first blaze in our region broke out on Red Mountain and burned for a few hours. Firefighters tell Action News it blackened approximately 150 acres of sagebrush and hillside.

It started near Red Mountain Road and Highway 224, but it's still unclear exactly how it sparked. Crews staged in multiple areas to get it under control, and mutual aid was called in from several other agencies as well.

Red Mountain Road was also blocked off at one point, while firefighters attacked the blaze. Reports of homes being threatened were quickly resolved and no structures burned.

But just as that fire was being mopped up, two others broke out.

The first was near Benton City, along the Old Inland Empire Highway. It was a smaller blaze that was contained quickly.

And about 15 minutes later, a third fire erupted in Prosser along Grant Avenue. Crews have to divide up to keep everything under control, but no damage has been reported.

The largest fire, well outside our area, has burned more than 10,000 acres near Cle Elum. The smoke from that massive forest fire has pushed into the Columbia Basin.