Time to check the chip in your dog

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - You might think your pet is secure since they've got a micro-chip, but do you know what address will pop up on the readout?

Pets who leave a shelter or rescue group will be chipped with the address for that location. So if your animal is found and their chip is scanned, it won't show your name and address. Most people don't realize this and it can make it a lot less likely you're get your pet back. Vets see this dozens of times a year. Local vets say that nearly half of their clients dogs are even micro-chipped.

"It is absolutely essential, if your pet has a micro-chip that the information is updated, it's the only way that we can get your pet back to you if they're lost," said Dr. Diana Thom.

Only about one-in-five microchips has the right info. To check if yours is updated -- there's a link on You're going to need the serial number from the chip. If you don't have that -- a vet can scan the pet and give it to you. Microchipping is considered quick and painless and costs about 50 bucks.