'Tis the lock up!

TRI-CITIES - Of course, criminals don't take a break for the holidays. It's prime season for thieves who are after your Christmas presents.

Kennewick Police are making extra patrols around the mall today. And they say it's working, with no excessive car prowls to report. Officers advise you to do the obvious: lock up. It's also wise to stash your goodies in a hidden spot.

"Take only what's necessary when you're shopping. your wallet, your identification, credit cards, cash. Keep that on your person. Keep it close with you. No need for the big bags, big girly, you know, the big purses, any of that kind of stuff," said Kennewick Police Officer Becca Jones.

Richland Police report one prowl from yesterday. The crook got away with electronics. Pasco and Kennewick reported none. KPD says many people probably haven't realized they've been prowled. At least, not yet.