To hire a licensed or unlicensed nanny?

TRI-CITIES - News stories about childcare facilities and nannies always stress parents out. Especially on the heels of a manslaughter trial for a former Richland nanny.

We talked to local nannies and child care specialists who advertise on Craig's List. One child care provider told us Kelli Jacobsen's case puts nannies in a bad light. She believes parents need to hire licensed care-takers only.

But unlicensed nannies say it's not about the license. Rather, it's about hiring good, honest people.

This nanny didn't want to ruin business by showing her face, but agreed to speak with us.

"There is quite a few trustworthy people that don't have a license and I think mostly the license is just saying that you went through the course for it," said nanny "Sammy."

If you want to check out the background of licensed child-care providers, just head to Child Care Aware. For unlicensed providers, you can also get a background check at the courthouse. Fingerprint services run less than 30 bucks.