To the rescue: Firefighters free squirrel in distress

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- We'll break the suspense first: the squirrel is OK.

Still, it was a dramatic rescue Thursday evening when firefighters, driving on Greenridge Drive in Lake Oswego, came across the little critter whose tail had become entangled in some razor wire.

The Lake Oswego Fire Department called it a "peculiar situation." The squirrel was scurrying along the top of a fence line, firefighters believe, when he got his tail tangled in the razor wire.

When firefighters Andrew Hedges and Dick Griffin and Lt. Jim Doane spotted the squirrel, he was trying to chew his own tail to break free.

That's when they swept in, grabbed a ladder and, as one firefighter held the critter tight, another firefighter untangled the tail.

The situation, had firefighters not been in the area, could have been tragic, they said.

"He was very much stuck and wouldn't have been able to free himself otherwise," Doane said in a statement.

Firefighters said they thought the squirrel "was very happy with the assistance he received."

And you thought firefighters just rescued cats from trees.