TRAC makes record revenue in 2012

PASCO, Wash. -- The facility is known for its big shows, but a spendy reputation funded by city and county money. From the garden show to the gun shows.. The TRAC is run by you. And it hasn't been a great investment.

Commissioner Rick Miller says, "It does lose money for the taxpayer. It does."

Those losses have had Franklin County consider selling the facility, building a water park and making cuts to lower the costs to the taxpayer. Commissioner Rick Miller wanted to keep the TRAC running in Pasco.

"We need to lower costs and increase revenue and we can make the TRAC successful," Miller continues.

That's the key to any winning business plan, but it wasn't happening for year. You can see here how the TRAC was struggling years back, needing more subsidies as less money came in, but this past year showed some real promise. 300,000 people came through these doors. The TRAC brought in almost $2.5 million. That's the most ever.

"We had a great year in 2012," Director, Troy Woody says.

And operations costs went down. Franklin County budgeted $400,000 to run the place, but only spent $250,000 It isn't additional dollars, it's just fewer dollars lost.

Woody says, "There's not extra money out there, it just means the tax payers have $100,000 less on the bill this year."

With the government sequester looming, Franklin Commissioners told me, cuts to TRAC could be on the way.

"This could affect the economy. So we watch this closely. This is taxpayer money that we keep watch on," Miller tells KEPR.

And the money left over from could be the answer to balancing the budget.

The director of TRAC also told KEPR the forecast looks good for the remainder of the year. 2013 has just as many shows and events planned as last year and more visitors are expected to come to town.